In Hawaii Fridays are known as,  Aloha Friday, everybody is happy, in shorts and aloha shirts, its 81 degrees, beautiful, warm day, and our weekend is about to begin. 

I have kind of become a photo junkie with my smart phone and decided to try a new Friday post, maybe it will catch on? Maybe it will be a one time thing, maybe we can start a group called "This week in Photos" 

Anyway, here we go, hope everyone has a great Aloha Friday .  

All photos are taken with my iPhone 6 plus, some photos were edited in Snapseed - free app. HDR seems to be my favorite edit.

 Photo below: 11/14/2014 - Not Edited.  This was taken this morning, on my way into work. Alii Drive, Kahaluu Beach, Kailua Kona, HI 

 Below: 11/13/204  Ozzie our new Dachsund puppy, curled up in a hat in the bed of my  pickup truck 

Below: 10/13/2014 - petroglyphs on a property I was previewing - 1000s of years old and protected -slightly edited to be able to see petroglyphs .

Below: 10/12/14 - New puppy we picked up the day before - OZZIE - slight editing 

Below: 11/12/2014 - Clouds rolling in on Saddle Road - No Editing,  local news station actually used my photo for their homepage background . Saddle road sits between the tallest mountain in the world @33,100 feet (Mauna Kea)  (only 18,103 are above sea level.) and the largest mountain in the world - Mauna Loa. The clouds roll in off the ocean and get wedged between the 2 mountains on a pretty regular basis. 

Below: 11/9/2014 - Itty Bitty under the rainbow at "The Place Everybody Wants - slight editing with Snapseed 



Below: 11/08/2014 Waimea Skate Park (my son on the left)  , Waimea (Kamuela) Hawaii - edited with Snapseed app - Cool thing with this photo is a local artist who seen this on Facebook called me up and told to go by all 3 of these boys one of his boards and bring him the reciept and he will reimburse me - he wants more photos of these 3 holding his boards. Big Mahalo to Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker for the boards. More photos next Friday  with the new boards

Below: 11/8/2014 Parker Ranch - Hawaii Island Cutting Horse Association year end competition. (my wife) - enhanced with Snapseed to lighten the photo some. 


Aloha and Mahalo, hope you enjoyed the week in photos.