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Big Island home prices up 7.9% in August - Pacific Business News.



According to "Pacific Business News", and the "Hawaii Information Service" - Big Island Home sales are up almost 8 % for August. I always like to use YTD (Year To Date) numbers, but hey, anytime we get some positive news in the headlines, I will take it any way I can get it. No need for me to reinvent a great article, just follow this link over to the article itself.  Big Island Home Sales Up 7.9% 

A quick note before you go - Year to Date Numbers - Big Island Sales 

Entire Island: Homes - UP .22% YTD 

North Kona Homes - UP - 5.96% YTD   ( August North Kona Median Price - UP 36.78% ) 

Condo Sales, North Kona - YTD - UP - 8.14% 

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