Good morning America, and beyond. I was just headed into the office today and was compelled to pull over for 5 minutes and "smell the roses" as you might say on the mainland.  We call it - oh boss, I'm not feeling good today, I need to stay home! 

You probably can not hear me in the video,  due to the surf, but I was just commenting on the bodyboarders being taken out by the waves.

FYI, the modern bodyboard or "BoogieBoard"  was invented here in Kona, about 3 miles from this beach at another surf spot called Honl"s , but  I am sure they were tested at Magics also. 

Anybody know his name? Pretty famous guy, we have all heard of him? I will put the name at the bottom. 

Enjoy the video and call us for all your real estate needs here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Happy Aloha Friday from Kona, Hawaii February 12, 2016 from Lance Owens (RS) on Vimeo.



Answer to the question above...... Tom Morey of the world famous "Morey  Boogie Boards"