Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) and Kimi Nagatoshi (RS) with LUVA Real Estate. 

Take a look at this infographic, it has a lot to do with local sales here in Kona, HI . I have to admit I feel pretty lucky to live and work in a resort destination, better yet, a warm, resort destination!  

Taking a look at the graphs below, I would have to say the #2 reason best fits our sales here in Kona. A majority of my clients are buying now, renting them as vacation rentals until they are ready to retire - obviously staying in them a month or so themselves every year.  Below the graph I will share a few options here in Kona Hawaii. 

In the meantime, our numbers look much better than the mainland numbers,  (Condos make up the majority of our Vacation Rental Sales) 

2014: *368 Condo Sales

2015:* 375 Condo Sales 

*Number of sales include all condos, but is a true reflection of vacation sales increase



Some Highlights:

  • 58% of vacation homes purchased were single family homes.
  • 51% of vacation homes that were purchased were found online.
  • The median price of a vacation home is up 28% from 2014.

Great Condo at Keauhou Resort listed at $274,000 (Click photo for tour)

Great Home Listed at $559,900 (click photo for tour)