If you ever needed an excuse to pack up your bags and move to Hawaii, here’s your chance of a lifetime! 

The Hawaii Department Of Education is expecting over 1,600 Teaching vacancies this year alone, and to deal with this shortage   The Hawaii Department of Education  has been sending teams to the mainland in areas like LA, Portland, New York, Chicago....... hoping to recruit qualified applicants. Of course these applicants would  have  to be willing to relocate to Hawaii.

I know, you are thinking about the palm trees and the Best beaches in America, but did you know Hawaii is also ranked the Happiest State in the Nation. Not only is Hawaii the happiest, but Hawaii is also voted the healthiest.

I know, most of you say - "but the cost of living is so much in Hawaii"  You guys, its not as bad as you think, I am a Realtor here in Kona and trust me, if you are from places like San Francisco, LA, Portland, New York and other large metropolitan areas, we are not  that bad, in fact we are a steal! 

What are you waiting for, Job √, Beach √, Happy √, Healthy√ 

(see below for a few samples)  In the meantime check out this video if you are still wondering why you havent signed up)


Its not as bad as you think case point 1: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, in the heart of Kailua Kona recently sold for $426,900 


Its not as bad as you think case point 2:  2 bedroom, 2 bath, in the heart of Kailua Kona also, recently sold for $219,500 

You just need an agent that knows the area, Let me introduce you to 2 of them 

Lance Owens (RS) 808-936-8383 

Kimi Nagatoshi (RS) 808-936-2575 

Dont foget, Kimi handles Equestrian property also.