This is an ABSOLUTE  MUST DO if you are in Hawaii, thinking about Hawaii, or you are just short a few items on your  bucket list! 

I remember being able to go up to the Lava flow back in the 80s, the only reason I went was because a friend talked me into going and I had nothing  better to do that weekend.  Let me tell you, it was one of those "checkpoint" moments in life that you will never forget. To watch  molten lava coming from the center of earth and reclaiming land as if she always owned it, trees burst  into flames right before you  eyes, just an epic, awestruck moment.

Well that flow finally ended, as they all do, but since then there has not been a good viewing area for the general public.

Great news today, they are opening up a viewing area for the latest lava flow - I hope to get out there this week and give you a first hand experience on what is happening, even some "Live Facebook" if reception is good. 

In the meantime, the top video is a news release from "Big Island Video News"and the second video is from "Big Island Video News via Epic Lava Flow

Please enjoy 




More still photos from the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory