Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) with LUVA Real Estate, last month we brought you the full package for registering your Vacation Rental with the Hawaii County Planning Department. Since then though, we (Brian M.) found a flaw in that packet from the county and I felt the public should be aware of this, here it is:

"I just spoke with the County, and they confirmed that they are aware of the error in the blue table on Page 2 of the packet, which continues to state that there is


for STVR Registration of a Pre-existing STVR in a permitted zoning district -

*When in fact there is a 9/28 STVR registration form submittal deadline of 9/28/19, per 23-6(a) of Rule 23.


Deadlines are important, so just be aware of the mistake and make sure you submit your packet on time.

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Thank you Brian for catching this and making the public aware, and if you haven't already seen my previous blog with the download, here it is (note the county has not updated the incorrect information yet, but be aware of it)

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