Lucky we live Hawaii, the only place I know of where you can snowboard in the morning, and bodyboard in the afternoon !

First Snow has hit the Big Island, and the Ski Lifts are OPEN.... Ok, im kidding about the ski lifts, but the snow is real, it is  here, and the best part about it, the beach is only  an hour and half away !  

Manua Kea and Mauna Loa get snow every year, some years are better than others,  but I am betting on a nice White Christmas this year. 

Take a look at these guys/girls making the best of it - but you do have be in good shape to hike up those hills at 13,800 foot elevation! Good friend said, ya, but what happens when you crash and have all the lava rocks under the snow - my reply, hey at least there are no trees to run into :)  



Here is a live shot from the Mauna Kea Summit - click to take you to the cams



Below are some photos from previous years, hope you enjoy them.

We typically fill our truck with snow and head down to Kona and build a snow man....  and then the fun begins, we bomb the neighbors with snow balls,  when they stop to take a look at the snowman. Its great, because we are the only ones with snow :)  

Sad part, snow doesn't last very long in 80 degree weather..... 






Here is another link to news report on todays snow hazards! 


 Dont forget, this is what awaits you in the afternoon