In this day and age, with all the MLS feeds Zillow lost, and our own MLS leaving up it each broker to indepently  report it to Zillow, Trulia and some of the others, the last thing you are getting from them, is an accurate and up to date picture of what is for sale.

And trust me, if your dream home comes on the market, and it is priced correctly, its gone by the time you find it on 3rd party sites like them. Saddly even is behind the curve on this one.

Stop it ---- Let me Deliver it to you daily - free of charge. 

Here is a little a secret, its not really a secret because it sits right in front of your nose, but I know agents that don't even use this. It is the customized search, delivered to your in-box daily.

Follow the links in this blog, or at the bottom in my signature line, fill out the form, and I will have you in the MLS by the end of the day, then your personalized MLS search ends up in your email every day - and don't worry, if there is no update, there is no email. 

See this 3 acre parcel below, my wife and I (both Realtors) found it, not by getting up everyday and searching the MLS, because we get busy just like you. I will tell you honestly, had we of not put our selves on the email list, we would have missed this one. The email came in on my phone while I was out showing condos, I called my wife, asked her to run up the hill and check this one out, The property had 2 offers in and 3rd talking about writing one, when we submitted our winning bid (Day 2). If I relied on myself to get up everyday, not every other day, but everyday  and do a search, the probability is that I would have missed this one and someone else would be writing this blog. 

Kaloko Mauka, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 



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